Maryland Nonprofits Standards for Excellence Award

There’s a Better Baltimore in the Works …Civic Works.

Civic Works strengthens Baltimore’s communities through education, skills development, and community service. Our key program areas include community improvement, workforce development, education, and green programs.

Civic Works AmeriCorps members tutor and mentor students, create community parks and gardens, help homeowners conserve energy, grow food for low-income residents, rehabilitate abandoned houses, involve families in Baltimore City schools, make homes safer for older adults, and recruit volunteers. Civic Works also trains Baltimore residents for employment in the healthcare and green job industries.

Since 1993, Civic Works has:

  • Converted 214 vacant lots into community gardens and green spaces
  • Rehabilitated 58 houses, repaired 242 houses, and weatherized 369 houses for low and moderate income families
  • Made energy efficiency improvements in more than 5,783 households resulting in projected savings of more than $3 million in utility costs
  • Tutored and mentored 39,882 students
  • Provided service opportunities for 3,858 AmeriCorps members
  • Engaged 36,958 volunteers in community service projects
  • Assisted 162 participants in earning a GED
  • Placed 548 participants in healthcare and green jobs
  • Grown more than 58,209 pounds of fresh, organic produce for sale to local communities
  • Planted 25,712 trees

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Meet an AmeriCorps Member


During most of 2013, I was doing a lot of staying up until the morning hours. My nights typically involved a decent amount of time looking through jobs on Craigslist, watching the news, reading the news, beans, and rice. It had been about a year since I graduated from college and I still didn’t really have anything to be proud of in my life. I was frustrated.

My name is Jordan and I enrolled as an AmeriCorps member in the Baltimore Energy Challenge in early November. I’ve always been a very engaged person, but only after I became involved with Civic Works was that engagement so fully coupled with real responsibilities. My first few weeks were spent working closely with my fellow AmeriCorps members to launch the new Energy Efficiency Program. Since our program has gained momentum, I’m spending most of my days engaging people in conversations about energy efficiency and visiting homes to help low-income families reduce energy usage.

I joined this program because I could spend my days doing something much more relevant to the issue of climate change, the most pressing problem the current generation is facing, than working as a cashier at Royal Farms. This program has given me more of an appreciation for Baltimore City, improved my organization skills, and helped me develop a much more positive outlook.

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